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All I can think of at the moment is a girl just coming home after a long day with me waiting for her. All I can do is nod as my cheeks flush red as I slowly begin to remove my clothes.

I had the great pleasure of talking art and writing with Laura Lee Bahr. When not writing, she is usually practicing her side kicks and running with dogs, or posting strange and existential Instagram selfies.

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Sansa Stark Week Day 2:

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

His anthology Book of the Dead was the beginning of modern post-Romero zombie literature.

Ya know that feeling where you just want to be ruthlessly cuddled and kissed and do it back to someone who you love and then just get completely rekt by them and left in their arms all blushy and used. Wait, are you seriously saying that someone predisposed to wanting to be in control might be more comfortable in an environment that they control completely with a loving, trusted, obedient sub, than out in some noisy brightly lit place interacting with a stranger surrounded by strangers in every direction?

You can keep up with her tour dates at lauraleebahr.

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